Legitimacy and values

    The story of Fountaine-Pajot began in 1976, and the story of its creators long before that. Boldness has propelled us forward from the start. We have acquired experience and expertise over the years, but also the wisdom that has guided us. The open sea teaches humility. Yes, wisdom is one of the core values of Fountaine-Pajot and it comes into play when making new choices.

    Identity and transmission

    Today, Fountaine-Pajot is an ambitious structure, proud of its local roots and its history, capable of adjusting its course to adapt to the challenges of the world to come. New generations have joined us and are breathing new life into the company. The stakes are high. Transmission plays a part. With us, the generations flow together.

    Positioning and challenges

    By definition, we’ve always been close to nature, and we will become, humbly, but in a resolute and committed way, one of the players in its preservation. Naturally concerned about protecting the essential source of our ideal of life, we’re mindful of the need to reduce the marine footprint of our yachts. This is why we offer the integration of renewable energy sources on all our models. Our ECO-CRUISING and SMART CRUISING concepts already considerably reduced the ecological impact of our boats and focused on clean energy for our yachts. The Odysséa24 strategic plan that Fountaine Pajot has deployed for all its brands goes further, with a new generation of boats to be led by the new Aura 51 catamaran and soon a new Dufour yacht.

    Innovation and the future we seek

    Fountaine-Pajot is already part of a new and resolutely progressive dynamic. The stakes are multiple. Of all the means of travel invented by man, the sailboat is the oldest: it is part of the history of humanity and remains one of the least impacting on the planet. The boat has sometimes become a luxury, but it remains a means of moving using renewable energy, a habitat for some, a useful and sustainable lifestyle. Maritime transport is once again investing in research, of which wind propulsion plays a part, and the future remains to be written. With this in mind, Fountaine-Pajot is also looking to become a source of inspiration through ODSea Lab, its innovation platform. We need to think about the boat of tomorrow from new points of view.